Our company is located in Cerda, in the area of the XII century Benedictine Abbey, dedicated to S.Marie of Burgitabus. Cerda is a small town few km far from Palermo (Sicily), situated on a 300 meters above sea levell hill, extending for 35.00 hectares and overlooking the Himera valley’s river, not far from the ancient Himera garrison.
In the southside you can enjoy the amazing landscape of the “Madonie” mountains, while in the northside you can admire the Tyrrhenian sea and two of the Eolian Islands: Alicudi and Ficiludi. Thanks to the hot and sunny sicilian summer climate, we can anticipate the harvest to the end of Septmber. As tradition, we still collect olives manually, by placing them in some slotted plastic boxes, so that they can arrive untouched and unaltered at the oil mill.
The delicate miling is a cold process within 12 hours of harvesting, trying to preserve its authenticity and waiting for the natural decanting in steel silos. The temperature control (18°) and the absence of light keep the oil unaltered in order to express its real distinctiveness.
The choice of timing, the respect for varieties and the attention in selection as well as the hard work of men and women contribute to the path towards a quality oil.


Cerda (PA) 90010

Italia, Sicilia

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Are you interested?

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