The cultivation

Our olives grow naturally, feeding on the mineral salts of the earth, the fresh and crystalline air of the Himera valley and the warm Sicilian sun. The quality and scent of our oil is determined by the mild and sunny Mediterranean climate at any time of the year.

The olive harvest

The olive harvest takes place during the autumn period, starting in September, until the end of December. We use the traditional method: we spread large nets under the trees, then we gently detach the olives from the branches with the help of an electric olive harvester or directly with our hands, without damaging the structure of the olive tree itself.

The milling

The freshly harvested olives are placed in perforated plastic boxes, preserving their integrity until the milling. At the same time the olives manage to eliminate the humidity present in their pulp and keep the flavors unaltered.

The milling is a delicate process, cold within 12 hours of harvesting. It is made in an environment that preserves its authenticity, respecting natural times. Afterwards, the product is stored in steel silos, with a temperature control of 18°C. The absence of light helps to keep unchanged an oil that best expresses the character and passion from which it is born.

Bottling and shipping

An operation carried out with care in total respect for the product, in order to obtain a quality oil packaged in the most accurate way possible. The packaging is carried out with specific equipment which allows the oil to be poured from the storage silos into the bottle or aluminum container. After sealing the finished product, we move on to the container labeling and guarantee phase. The final packaging is carried out with care and precision, guaranteeing protection of the product until its arrival at its destination.

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