The Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Abbey

it is the fruit of the earth, of the sun, respect for tradition, love and passion. It is the continuous search for a superior quality oil where typicality and territory find their perfect expression.

Our company is located in Cerda, in the area of the XII century Benedictine Abbey, dedicated to S.Marie of Burgitabus. Cerda is a small town few km far from Palermo (Sicily), situated on a 300 meters above sea levell hill, extending for 35.00 hectares and overlooking the Himera valley’s river, not far from the ancient Himera garrison.

Sicily PGI

BIO Certificate

Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our products on the market are available in different types of packaging. From our unique glass liter bottles for everyday use or larger quantities for reserve. The two types of our oil are: one with a more intense and decisive flavour, the other, on the other hand, lighter and suitable for any palate.

The characteristics of our oil

Monovarietal extra virgin olive oil has a yellow and limpid appearance, with slight green hues. This variety falls into the category of light-medium fruity intensity oils, with strong sensations of medicinal essences, typical almond aromas, artichoke heart and aromatic herbs such as thyme, oregano and wildflowers.

News and Acknowledgments

Follow the events we participate in all over the world and the awards assigned to our precious Olive Oil.

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